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The Ganischgerhof

Ganischger One & Only

Live your most varied holiday experience at Ganischgerhof Mountain Resort & SPA.

Private Guest Shuttle

The Ganischgerhof Mountain Resort & SPA offers an exclusive private shuttle for its guests, both in summer and winter times.  (more…)

The Ganischger-Experience

An all-round experience and entertainment without any ifs and buts!

Enjoy the distinctive Ganischger-Experience (premium all-inclusive) and discover the best of our services and restaurants in all our businesses – Feel like the king of the Val d’Ega.

Whether champagne-aperitif, Fiorentina served from a wooden board or other specialties combined with the best from our cellars: you decide and enjoy the most entertaining holiday experience for a fixed price with no limits.

Gourmet was yesterday; today you are a “Ganischger-Experience wallower”.
(Except rarities)

Feel like the King of the Val d’Ega! But how does a day like that look like?
Here is an example how Angela and Jack lived the most entertaining holiday experience:

A normal morning in the sunny Val d’Ega starts and Angela and Jack admire the first sunray, which rise over the snowy mountain peaks. Out of the cosy bed they are heading to the breakfast buffet. The varied breakfast buffet with more than 100 products spoils them with choice!

The Ganischger private guest shuttle brings them comfortably and within only 7 minutes directly to the slopes, where the driver helps them to unload the skis. Both take a quick, freshly grounded espresso at the Platzl Mountain Lounge before bouncing the slopes.

After Zanggen and the Agnello slope, the two ski towards the Baita Gardoné to get a delicious aperitif.

On the terrace, Klaus of Baita Gardoné serves Champagne and finger food. Skilfully the team of Baita Gardoné takes care of Angela and Jack. Angela would rather have a delicious Veneziano and a few slices of parma ham, which obviously are served to her with pleasure.

After having had enough delicacies, Angela and Jack head back to the slopes. After breath-taking runs with panoramic view included Jack’s stomach starts to growl.

After the delicious Fiorentina on the wooden board from yesterday’s lunch stop at Baita Gardoné, today the two decide to take the veal knuckle at the Ganischgeralm.

Freshly barbecued shanks served on the terrace and Jack can’t resist a bottle of his loved Cabernet Merlot Feld.

For dessert, Georg the host recommends the delicious sweet apricot dumplings, a specialty of the Ganischgeralm served with a glass of dessert wine.

The DJ plays Angela’s favourite song at the Platzl Mountain Lounge, so of course they can’t pass the après ski. With a glass of Veneziano and a beer both start to swing to the rhythm of the music.

One more drink? No problem at all, since Ganischger private guest shuttle will bring them back to the hotel.

Hurry up Jack, says Angela. I am getting my hot-stone massage soon and I want to relax in the sauna and pool too.

Before dinner, Jack and Angelae meet other guests for an aperitif at the bar, where they lively narrate their great day. The Ganischgerhof Service Team accompanies the two to their table and Jack opts for the gourmet meal with his favourite fish, while Angela prefers to eat a la carte and accepts Klaus recommendations.

With the perfect wine for each course, the two enjoy to the fullest the evening.

Sitting next to the open fire, Angela and Jack enjoy the can then end the day and are already dreaming of the next day on skis.

Enjoying according to the example of Angela and Max and being the King of Val d’Ega for one day?

No problem with the Ganischger-Experience!
Simply add the Ganischger-Experience to your Ganischger offer. Enjoy all Ganischger companies, from early morning until late at night at a fixed price.

Furthermore, there is still 20% discount on all SPA treatments at the Gansichgerhof SPA.

The Ganischger-Experience shows you the best of our services without ifs and buts, easily and at a fixed price for one day or for your entire holiday.


Rate per person: 97,00 €

Sun rise excursion

While in winter you ski down the slopes warmed by the sun of the early morning, in summer you will experience an excursion on our Ganischgeralmwhere you will see a beautiful sun rise. In addition, a rich and traditional breakfast will be served. You will be brought at 2500 m with our shuttle and from there you will walk to the Feudo pass (more…)

Your most varied holiday experience

Let us surprise you, only at the Gansichgerhof Mountain Resort & SPA you can experience the most varied and entertaining holiday.


Early Morning Skiing

An additional and extraordinary offer for our guests is the Early Morning Skiing. If you have wished since a long time to be the first one to ski down the nicely prepared slopes, the Early Morning Skiing is exactly what you were looking for. Our Private Guest Shuttle will bring you to the valley station of the ski resort Obereggen.


Gourmet Pass

The Ganischgerhof Mountain Resort & SPA offers a Gourmet pass to make your vacation as perfect as possible. The Gourmet pass gives you the possibility to make a reservation in one of our lodges directly at the front desk so that you do not have to wait for a seat at the lodge. (more…)


Welcome at the Ganischgerhof

Recuperate and experience, eating and drinking, enjoy and feel well – Your holiday at the Ganischgerhof. (more…)


The name Ganischg, comes from the word: “Genist”, that means: “nest”. So let our hotel be your nest for the period of your staying, a nest in which we care for you and spoil you. (more…)

Eggental-Val d’Ega

The Ganischgerhof is situated in Deutschnofen in the valley of Eggen: “Eggental.“
In the heart of the Dolomites in South-Tyrol – and it offers you a marvellous view on the Rosengarten. (more…)

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